Testing Your Alarm System


Periodic testing of your alarm system is essential to ensure that it is operating properly and communicating with the Monitoring Station.
As with all electrical equipment, defects and malfunctions can occur as well as issues arising due to changes in your phone service such as switching from one phone company to another. Testing your system allows for timely detection of any problems so that you can feel secure, knowing your system will protect you if the need arises. On Guard Security recommends that you test your system on a monthly basis. Be sure to notify the Monitoring Station prior to testing your system; if you do not have the direct number of the Monitoring Station call On Guard Security first.

Information regarding the steps to test your specific system can be found in your user’s manual. Copies of user’s manuals for most systems can be viewed or downloaded from our website on the User Manuals page.


There are two types of test to perform: Testing signals and devices within your home and testing the signal from your system to the Monitoring Station.


  1. Close all doors and windows and verify that your system is in the “READY” mode. Do not arm it at this time.
  2. If your system has a “CHIME” function turn it on at this time.
  3. Open each protected door or window, one at a time. Listen for the chime then verify that the keypad displays the door or window you are testing as open (this could be designated by a zone light, zone number or custom English description depending on the style keypad you have).
  4. Repeat this procedure for each door and window connected to your system.


  1. Call the Monitoring Station (480-752-7148) and ask to have your system placed in “TEST” mode. Be ready to give the operator your password to identify yourself.
  2. Arm your system as usual and put it into alarm by opening a door or window, or by tripping a motion detector. Allow the alarm to sound for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Disarm your system using your code and clear the alarm memory by entering your code and off one more time.
  4. Call the Monitoring Station and verify that the signal/signals you sent were received by the Monitoring Station. If all signals were received, thank the operator and ask to have your system taken off of test.

Our technical support staff will be happy to walk you through the test procedure for your system and can assist you if the test determines that there is a problem that needs correcting or to schedule a service call if needed.